Thursday, October 17, 2013

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Monday, June 22, 2009

Knitters Connection

2 days with Cat Bordhi.... wonderful!

I learned a bit about good teaching and kindness. I learned a bit about good knitting. I also worked up some new socks in Smooshy Happy Forest. Once graphed, it behaved as I had expected it to.

Columbus was abuzz with good food - LemonGrass had wonderful asian fusion and I found Ice Cream Nirvana in the place of the North Market: Jenis. Had I not been there for the yarn, I would go for the food.

Yarn? Did not buy much. I guess the restraint that I have been trying to develop, finally kicked in.... or maybe the manic splurge 2 weeks ago at Hoosier Hills was still hanging over my head?

Friends? Lana Holden has re-entered my life in a very good way. Let's say we hit it off and I hope to knit with her often!
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Monday, June 15, 2009


I never thought I would be a monogamous knitter. Never had that thought occurred to me. Lately though, I find I am FINISHING pieces in record numbers - seems there is a benefit to knitting on only a few projects at the same time. Ravelry is also helping me track them and keep them controlled.

My goal lately has been to have fewer than 5 project: one hard, one easy and one small - with no more than 2 of any one sort on the needles at a time. This allows me to work up design samples, keep up with gifting AND knit something for me.

Currently on the needles: Socks for my hubby, and a 2 year old lace shawl from Amanda Gill. The shawl is finally moving forward due to the use of stitch markers every 20 stitches~

I needed to clear out my knitting bag so that I can prepare for 2 very important projects which will be added this week: Cat Bordhi socks and my first officially "sold" design - more about that later.

Almost forgot.... Gifting. The cranberry shawl is mostly garter stitch. There is a 5 stitch border in seed and a lace edge. This was begun at Hoosier Hills as something I could knit while walking about. After HH, I began a deep lace edge. Between each working row there are 3 rows of garter. Did I mention it is alpaca and silk? Skacel Alpaca Seta in Burgundy is a lovely boucle with a soft hand. If I were smart, I would submit the design...
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Thursday, June 11, 2009

Video for the OCD Knitter

For the OCD knitter in each of us.... a video.
The sounds are charming!

A new Pattern and Class: Baby Steps

Working with yarn has rewards... like having the FULL BOX of Crayons that you never had as a kid. New Pattern to be available soon!

8 colors of BabyBoo arrived just at the time I needed to design a beginner class. This is designed to give the beginning knitter confidence. Blocks start 2 at a time so that intarsia is introduced. 8 block designs begin with stockinette and knit/purl variations and finish with cables.
Pattern will be written for DK and worsted weight.

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Thursday, January 8, 2009

Dad's Aran

Finished. Here is Katie modeling the sweater on Christmas eve. He is happy. I am happy (I do want to take out the zipper and put it back in - this time, with the bottoms matching up.)

Great sweater. Knit from the collar down. Book is out of print, but copies can be had. I will be making one for myself.

Inside pocket... After all, we need to maintain the illusion of a doting father and his little girl.

Good Yarn Karma

I must have it. Honest.

You all know I cannot BUY** yarn. Apparently though, the universe feels that I NEED yarn.

Presenting: 16 skeins of hand dyed lace from Alpaca with a Twist. Also in the box were a hat and a sweater. If you are shopping - look for Highlander and Mojito

** Donations do not count. This was a silent auction for cancer at the warehouse Open House.

<<<<<<<<>Threadbear - Way too cool. Malabrigo... Colors are Blue and a yellow/green (ochre). I bought a skein of Hilary Sock yarn earlier in the month and got a gift certificate later in the month.

I wish I lived nearer to Lansing. Would like to see the shop in person.... Taking classes there would be cool too.